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Cactus Cowboy


Antman's Last Stand

Team Size: 8

Role: Lead Level and Mechanic Designer

Software: Unreal

Genre: First-Person Turret Shoot em Up

Dev Time: 3 Days (January '21)

Cactus Cowboy is a first-person turret game in which players act as a cowboy ant defending their home town from an army of scorpions. They do this through the use of their Cactus Gatling Gun, the CGG. Defend your home for as long as you can until you are overwhelmed in antman's last stand against the vicious scorpion foe. 


Development of this game took place for the 2021 Low Effort game jam in January 2021. We were given 3 days to make a game around the theme of "Cactus." I worked alongside 1 other designer on the development. I primarily worked on the gun's mechanics as well as enemy spawn locations and behaviors. I also wrote the game sketch which details the game's core mechanics and loops which can be found here

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