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Dawn Land

A Look at Ojibwe Culture

Team Size: 4

Role: Lead Designer

Software: Unity

Genre: Educational Platformer

Dev Time: 1 Month (March '20)

Dawn Land is an educational 2D platformer where players get to play as an adopted teenage girl. On a hike in the woods, this girl begins to learn about her heritage and the history of the Native American Ojibwe tribe. Each collectible a player finds, they learn more about the tribe's impact and history in the region, as well as gaining new abilities and skills to further explore the region. This game is targeted towards middle school and up children with hopes of educating children at a young age of the Native American tribes across the country.

For this project, I was the only designer, accompanied by my team of Lee Gimbutas (Producer), Maximus Lorah (Programmer), and Brielle Nestler (Artist). I designed level layouts with simplicity in mind and worked with multiple primary sources to ensure that all collectibles and information was accurate and detailed. Wanting the game to be relatively simple so schools could give them to children, I incorporated puzzles that only require a single button to pick up and put down objects. Each level was put through multiple testing sessions and critiqued by dozens of our QA testers. With 3 weeks to work on the project, I was able to design 4 levels and incorporate 2 for the final deliverable. 

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