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EscapeFromTheBodysnatcher_Title (1).png

Team Size: 8

Role: Product Owner, Lead Level and Mechanic Designer

Software: Unreal Engine 4

Genre: Isometric Horror Party

Dev Time: 2 1/2 Months (February '21 - April '21)

Rewards: Nominated Best Game Design

Escape from the Bodysnatcher is an asymmetric isometric party game in which players play as scientists within a secret government facility. One of their experiments has breached containment and is on the hunt to absorb all the scientists before they can return power to the facility and recapture the monster. Once absorbed by the monster, players split control of the monster and must work together to hunt down the remaining scientists. 

Development of this game took place for the 2021 Ubisoft Games Lab Competition. I was the Product Owner as well as one of the mechanics designers and the Lead Level Designer. I primarily worked on the main level for the game as well as working on the project's feature list with the producer to work on a functional timeline and the priority of essential mechanics and systems needed in-game.

I led extensive QA sessions in a professional environment to stress-test the game and make sure that any game design issues that arose were addressed as fast as possible. The game was balanced weekly and put through testing at the end of every sprint through my school's internal testing sessions. 


The Game Design Document (GDD) was reviewed by professional game designers and curated to the project. Working with my co-designer, Jake Seide, we worked on this document extensively through the project, updating it whenever a value was altered in the engine or planned to be altered as well as when new features were run by the team and confirmed for the feature list for installment to the game. 

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