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Project Centauri

A Spiritual Adventure

Team Size: 20

Role: Lead Level and Mechanic Designer

Software: Unity

Genre: Third-Person Adventure

Dev Time: 3 Months (June '20 - August '20)


Project Centauri is an open-world adventure game in which players play as an astronaut who has crashed back on Earth to find it in ruins. Natural disasters have wreaked havoc when humanity tried to harness the world's spirits as an energy source. It is now up to the player to travel across the wasteland, free spirits, and bring balance to the world once more.


Project Centauri was an unfinished game that was developed over the course of 3 months. The team had 4 designers, of which I was the lead level and mechanics designer. I designed primary locations the player would travel too as well as the world design and weather interactions with the player. I also worked on the player's boat physics, navigation systems, and upgrade trees.


Over the course of the project, I worked with the rest of the designers on a single document regarding general gameplay, the GDD. This GDD is used as a reference for the rest of the team, so we worked long hours making sure that it explains the gameplay and how the game should feel to the most that we could manage.

To view the GDD for yourself, here is a link to the official document

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