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Sneaking Through the 60s

Team Size: 8

Role: Lead Designer

Software: Unity

Genre: Action Platformer

Dev Time: 1.5 Months (March '20 - April '20)

SpyDer is a 2D platformer in which players play as the top-secret agent, SpyDer, as he infiltrates the evil organization known as Wasp Inc. Players have to use their webs to swing across levels and reach the exiting doorway at the end of each level. As levels go on, new threats face our hero, with laser beams, security cameras, and wasp guards around every corner. Do you have what it takes to get the classified files and escape, or are you simply another arachnid to be crushed by the wasps?

On this project, I was the lead designer as well as the product owner. My team, consisting of a producer, two artists, three programmers, and two designers (including me) spent a total of 4 weeks working on this project. SpyDer was a project created during the start of the national COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in its workflow consisting entirely remotely. Being the lead designer, I developed 8 out of the 10 planned levels for the game, implemented all levels into the game, found the soundtrack, and worked with both art and programming to ensure gameplay was smooth. I have developed multiple grappling hook systems in the past, and this one was my magnum opus, with the tether having the ability to wrap around in-game objects, thanks to the programmers. I also worked with programming and art on our lighting system. We wanted the environment to feel darker to the player, more lived-in, so in our final sprint, we worked on a lighting system to get our 2D game to look as alive as possible. 

For more about the game, visit the page here

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