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Tether Ball

The Fastest Sport You'll Play

Team Size: 1

Role: Lead Developer

Software: Unity

Genre: First-Person Sport

Dev Time: 2 Weeks (October '20)

Tetherball is a first-person sports game in which players swing around an arena and throw a ball through a set goal on the opposite ends of each team's starting position. This game went through multiple redesigns and changes through development, with the final product being finalized over the course of roughly a single week. 

I was the lone developer on this project, so I wanted to try my hand at working in Unity's 3D physics engine. For this, I created a grappling hook system that takes in the player's speed and velocity to throw a ball that matches the player's own velocity. I made this with the intention that the faster players play the game, the high chance of success they have, but also the higher chance of missing the goal. This was a project for my Game Technologies 2 course, in which the prompt was a first-person collection game. I wanted to stretch those rules to their extent, so I made an arena sport game in which the collectibles are the points needed to win. 

I wanted to mess around with systems I hadn't used in the past, so on this project, I implemented both changes in the lighting system integrated with Unity, as well as post-processing. The more speed the player gets as they move around, a motion blur is applied to let the player feel as though they are going much faster.

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