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Time Agent

Saving those of yesterday

Team Size: 1

Role: Lead Developer

Software: Unreal

Genre: VR Shooter

Dev Time: 3 Weeks (March '21)

Time Agent is a VR action game in which players play as an elite officer of the TIME agency, a covert intelligence agency designated with stopping those who wish to break the rules of time and space. Players have the ability to rewind time around them and alter their playspace in unique ways as they travel both forwards and backwards through time and space. 

This was a project for my Game Systems and Experiences course my junior year. The project initially started as an attempt at creating an experience similar to Life is Strange, with a primary focus on storytelling, but after fiddling around in the system and really getting into the gunplay of the game, I changed directions and decided to make a more action-oriented experience. All objects that are affected by the time control interface are given a bright orange material to let players know what they can and cannot affect with their abilities. 

My primary goal with this project was to make time travel easy to understand and fun to mess around with in virtual reality, which was a big challenge. Virtual reality is already difficult for many people, and throwing time travel into the mix was just asking for a difficult problem, but I believe I managed to get the system to be understandable by most players. Putting the system through testing, all players were able to easily navigate their environments and use the system to their advantage. 

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